Martin Salter - working hard for Reading West


I tried to assist those who contacted me wherever possible.

Constituents regularly contacted me about a wide range of matters such as tax credits, child support, crime and anti-social behaviour, benefits and housing. When people contact an MP it makes it a lot easier if they include all the relevant details in the letter or email as this saves time and make it easier to progress the case.

What an MP can and cannot do for you

I had two full-time members of staff in my constituency office which was open Monday to Friday. Due to the large volume of correspondence received, it was not always possible to reply immediately but we aimed to reply to all queries within a reasonable timescale. If the query was particularly urgent then every effort was made to respond speedily. My role as an MP was to represent all the people in my constituency; not just those who voted for me. Whether or not you voted for me or agreed with the views of my party, I was your MP and I was still there to help you with all matters for which Parliament or central government was responsible.

More information about what you MP can and cannot do for you as your MP is available in the House of Commons Fact sheet Members/Election Series No 1, which you can download in full here.