Martin Salter - working hard for Reading West

What People Say

What people say about Martin Salter

 ”He has a really quite exceptional ability to energise whatever he is involved in; he builds teams and creates alliances; he has a clarity which means he can focus his own and others energy and he is relentless in pursuing arguments and ideas. He sticks with campaigns when others might give up and is usually proved right!” 

 - Estelle Morris (Secretary of State for Education and Skills 2001-02)


“When Martin Salter commits himself to do something he really does it. In the House of Commons he always speaks, briefly, clearly and to great effect. When campaigning he understands what works and then delivers” -

 -  Frank Dobson MP (Secretary of State for Health 1997-2000)


 “In the twelve years that I have worked with Martin, I have admired the enthusiasm and energy that he has devoted to campaigning. Whilst holding fast to his values and principles, he has always been willing to look for and negotiate solutions. He is a loyal colleague and fun to work with”.

 -  Jacqui Smith MP (Home Secretary 2007-2009)


 “Hard working and approachable…a keen moderniser…a fluent speaker with a bluff, blokeish manner…. A sharp, clever backbencher… Loyal, but no robot” -

-  Dodds Parliamentary Companion


“The success of the operation is a tribute to the organising power of Martin Salter, the Labour MP for Reading - Mr. Bercow’s neighbouring constituency”

- Sam Coates  (The Times, 23.06.09)