Martin Salter - working hard for Reading West
The point of no return!
The point of no return!

Salter Survives 10,000 ft Fall as Parachute Fails to Malfunction in Charity Plunge!

There will be no by-election in Reading West following the safe landing of local MP Martin Salter who successfully completed his first ever parachute jump at Old Sarum Airfield in Wiltshire on Sunday. Mr Salter, who has raised nearly £1000 in sponsorship for the Alzheimer’s Society, jumped from 10,000 ft accompanied by Gordon Blamire of SKYDIVE SOUTHCOAST in a free fall of 120 mph lasting 45 seconds. The parachute opened at 5,000 ft for the final 4 minute descent.

To replay the above file refresh this page by pressing F5. (It is worth pointing out, however, that every time you do the parachute does open).

Speaking shortly after landing Mr Salter said:-

“That was an absolutely incredible experience which I would thoroughly recommend to anyone who enjoys a challenge. The instructors from SKYDIVE SOUTHCOAST were so calm and competent it was difficult to feel in any real danger. The worst bit for me was waiting two hours for a gap in the clouds to appear so we could go up for the jump. That was a long time for the imagination to run riot but I managed to keep it all together and was frankly relieved once we got the all clear to take off”.

He added:-

“Best of all has been the great response from friends and colleagues who have pledged nearly £1000 for the Alzheimer’s Society to help with their work in combating dementia. This jump has given me memories that will last a lifetime and hope the money that is raised through the many events organised to mark Alzheimers Day on 21st September will improve both the lives and the memories of those suffering with Alzheimer’s.

Mr Salter agreed to do the sponsored parachute jump after attending the Alzheimer’s Society Open Day at the Reading Branch office in July. Figures recently produced for those people suffering from dementia in Berkshire show a projected 37 per cent increase from 2005-2021, (6931-9483). In Reading the projection is just 12 per cent but in West Berkshire it’s 47 per cent and Wokingham 57 per cent.