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Martin celebrates with campaigners in Coley.
Martin celebrates with campaigners in Coley.

Save Kennet Meadows

Kennet Meadows is a vital ‘green wedge’ in the densely developed Borough of Reading, extending into West Berkshire south of the A4. It is a vital space for the communities of Coley, Coley Park, Southcote and Calcot. Kennet Meadows has been treatened for the past 30 years by a series of development proposals.

The latest proposal came from Prudential who would like to build more than 7,000 houses around the meadows. Though much of the land involved is spoil land and the proposals are not without merit in an area where demand for housing is high, the proposals involve building on the flood plain of the Kennet Valley. The consequences of wreckless development on flood plains have been seen all over the UK in recent years.

Martin has campaigned for many years to maintain and enhance the environment of Readings rivers and has led the fight to conserve the meadows and maintain the flood plain as a natural defence against flooding in central Reading and elsewhere.

The Prudential proposals were formally withdrawn early in 2010. Local people continue to campaign for the Meadows to be placed in trust for future generations.

You helped!

Many people in Reading West and the wider Reading Area signed Martin’s petitions over the years on this issue, including the on-line petition from this website. That petition is now closed.

Many thanks to everyone who signed the petition and assisted in many other ways in this successful campaign.

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