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Welcome to Martin Salter’s site. Martin was Member of Parliament for Reading West from 1997 to 2010. Martin uses this site for occasional posts and articles.

About this Site

Please note that as of the dissolution of Parliament on 12th April 2010, Martin Salter ceased to be the Member of Parliament for Reading West, a constituency he has served continuously since 1997.

Since May 2010 Martin has been taking a sabbatical in Sydney, New South Wales where he observed the Australian election resulting in a hung Parliament. His thoughts on the campaign for the Sydney Morning Herald, one of the country’s leading quality newspapers, are reproduced here.

Mr Salter announced his retirement in February 2009 after 25 years as a public representative in Reading. He was formerly a councillor for Park Ward in East Reading and Deputy Leader of Reading Borough Council. The interactive facilities on this website have been disabled and the material that remains is a matter of public record and for historic interest.

Mr Salter’s constituency office at 413 Oxford Road, Reading, RG30 1HA remained fully functional until the General Election on 6th May, dealing with outstanding and residual casework.

Mr Salter can now be contacted via his non-Parliamentary email,

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